Chloe Hurst (born 1996)

Lives in London



2017 BA Hons Fine Art, Cambridge School of Art

2018 MA Art & Space, Kingston School of Art


2020 Domain_Material (Collaboration) One Paved Court, Richmond


2018 Slip (Degree Show) The Swan Studio & Stanley Picker Gallery, (Kingston School of Art)
2018 Pending Approval (group) Loft Space (Turf, Whitgift Shopping Centre)
2018 Meanwhile (open studio) Center For Useless Splendour (Kingston School of Art)
2018 Smoking in Croydon (group) Croydon Arts Store (Whitgift Shopping Centre)The 2017 Bee’s Knees (Degree Show) Ruskin Gallery (Cambridge School of Art)
2017 Punctum (group) Ruskin Basement (Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art)
2016 Revolve (group) Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cambridge
2016 7 Degrees (group) Ruskin Balcony (Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge School of Art)
2015 22 Beginnings (group) Changing Spaces, Cambridge


Dr Supanee Gazely Art Prize ‘Highly Commended’

Axisweb Awarded Membership 2017-2018

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